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OpenGenius is the organization behind the innovative brand, Ayoa; the first tool to combine Mind Mapping, Task Management and Chat features in one place. So you don’t just get things done, but get the right things done.

The OpenGenius software and resources are used by teams and individuals around the world to enhance their innovative thinking and put this into action on a daily basis.

Among the products and services offered by OpenGenius are:


Ayoa is the world’s first productivity tool to combine everything you need to achieve your best work. Uncover incredible ideas in a Mind Map, then turn your ideas into action and deliver projects on time with efficient Ayoa Task Boards for seamless work.

Training Courses and Consultancy

Learn how to create and embed a culture of true innovation and creative thinking from the experts, and how you can implement the skills you learn within your organisation.


Expand your learning with our range of books that help individuals and organisations develop innovative ideas and practices which result in effective productivity and success.

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