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Some people say that creativity is about thinking outside the box, while others believe it is about being creative inside the box; but what if there is no box? More than 82 per cent of companies believe that creativity directly impacts results, yet few of us understand how it comes about or how to put it into practice. If we identify and remove the box around our thinking, we can unlock unlimited streams of creativity for professional and business success.

The Creative Thinking Handbook offers an integrated system of personalized insights, along with clear, practical tools and strategies – including the tried-and-trusted Solution Finder model.

This book enables you to develop your creative problem-solving skills to make better decisions with an individualized step-by-step strategy. Based on long-term research and testing of the creative thinking process, The Creative Thinking Handbook helps you generate more ideas and find brilliant solutions for any professional challenge.

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All book royalties will be donated to the Inspire Genius Foundation - a charity dedicated to inspiring young adults to find their own route to success.

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